Never Grow Up…

shadowthe other morning immi found her shadow. the first thing that popped into my mind was peter pan…and wishing to never grow up. well, i’m glad that i grew up, so that i could have this wonderful little person in my life…but immi, mommy says never grow up.

i wanted to put the video to a song from the peter pan soundtrack, but honestly, i guess i’m not really a fan of peter pan’s sound track. little taylor swift said it much prettier.

3 thoughts on “Never Grow Up…

  1. ahhh BEYOND sweet. made me tear up. i can’t even stand how quickly they grow up but i guess mommas are sentimental that way…

  2. Please do. I could really use a few life pauses myself. The hard part of seeing Tori all over again in Caitlyn is that I know how fast Caitlyn will become Tori. I really hope that makes as much sense written down as it did in my head. Thanks for the tears. Crying is cleansing. 🙂

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