All Growed Up! (insert ugly cry face)

Well, to say that I was super excited about Immi going to sleep in her own room would basically be a lie – A BIG FAT JUICY LIE –  I was dreading that day…BUT seeing her so happy and proud about having her very own big girl room makes my mama heart do cartwheels!  That mama struggle is real folks…SO heart-breaking to see your babies become, well, not babies…but the JOY (oh and it’s a powerful joy) that comes with seeing those babies grow and accomplish is so amazing.  And even though I wasn’t excited about her leaving my bed…I wanted her to be excited.  So we plotted out her perfected big girl room.  IMG_1857

You probably recognize a bunch of the stuff.  I like to use/buy stuff for her birthday parties, that I can repurpose – like the giant framed floral unicorn above her bed, you can see from her 3rd birthday party over at 100layercakelet.

Her favorite part of her room are these gorgeous giant flowers from Urban Walls.   Now when she goes to other people’s houses, she says “you know what is a good idea? flowers on your wall…good idea, right?”   And THEN – I came across this freaking amazing bed set….that was ON SALE…that matched PERFECTLY with the flowers at Target!

I got this headboard from Urban Outfitters during the Dorm Sale!! SCORE!  I with they made it for a king size bed!


The cute gold wire shelf is part of Target’s Pillow Fort Collection.  You know, the section you walk by and all you can hear are mom’s saying “OMIGOSH, so-and-so NEED this”….bravo target…bravo.

The teepee has been around since before Immi was born.  You can see if in her old nursery from our old place over at Little Umbrella (formerly On To Baby).

The butterfly pin board was a total impulse buy.  Our favorite mall, WestField UTC, is being remodeled and adding a ton of new stores, so we popped into Pottery Barn Kids to see what they were up to.  Lord help us when all the development is done and there are 90 NEW SHOPS OF FIRST-TO-MARKET RETAIL AND HIGH END, CHEF-DRIVEN RESTAURANTS for us to spend our DOLLA-BILLS at.  Be sure to check out all that is in store for us here.


Our Tassel Garland is from one of our most favorite Tassel Fairy, and fellow unicorn lover…Studio Mucci.  I’m thinking we need another one to drape over the unicorn print… because there isn’t already enough sparkle :P. Whatchya guys think?


And yes…her mattress is on the floor.  It eased my fear of her falling out of her bed and waking up…this way, she rolls out, she rolls out… no bombs, bruises…infact, the one time i saw that she rolled out, I don’t think she even woke up.

//Unicorn lamp//


If I forgot to list something and where i got it, definitely feel free to ask about any of the other items you see here!  // Plush Unicorn Head // Starry Globe Night Light // DIY Peg Dolls from Goose Grease.

Our independent, VERY opinionated little lady wanted to help every step of the way – from painting, to putting up the wall decals, to deciding what goes on the shelves. So it’s necessary to show some of the behind the scenes videos/shots.  Seriously – cutest painting glasses ever! I love her so much.  and I really can’t wait to see whats coming next with her. Now excuse me while i go plop my face in her pillow and take a big whiff of whats left of that sweet baby girl smell.



eleven months…(no, i’m not gonna cry…)

11months WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! my “baby” is eleven months old! this has definitely been a challenging month (maybe the most challenging).  being on one leg is hard…throw in a mommy on one leg, and it’s damn right HARD.  there have been a couple (or maybe several nights) when dad is working late that immi and i have been locked in baby jail, just so mom can give ol’ lefty a break (that being my left leg…for those of you who haven’t had you’re coffee yet).  AND! seriously…what do they put on babies knees?  this girl crawls and crawls and nothing seems to phase her.  i crawl around for a week, and my knees are bruised and bleeding. BUT, then you look at that goobery face and can’t help but smile and be thankful for every second (well, maybe not every second…)

ok. ok.  i know.  no one comes to this blog to hear me talk (but tough, MY blog)…photos.  Sorry there aren’t more.  but i am gonna pull the ONE LEG card, one more time.  a 10 month – ahem- 11 month old is hard enough to shoot!  BUT – we have started to plan the little one’s bday party!  these monthly photos, and my little love’s LOVE for flowers, has inspired our theme… my baby’s birthday in bloom. Be sure to watch the little video at the bottom of the post…she does that everytime we see a flower in a book.  OH! and if you didn’t already notice…there is a new link on the right (or at the bottom if you’re on an ipad or iphone) that will take you to The Scalloped Window!)

blogpostand the comparison photos.  in all seriousness…where did she come from?  blonde hair (somewhat strawberry blonde) blue eyes…WHITE.  i love her. 11monthcomparison1


one thing hasn’t changed…that butt!  i just wanna eat it!…i’ll leave you with this.


10months3-6 a couple posts ago, when i said life comes at ‘chya full force sometimes, i wasn’t lying…here we are, in a new house, with a newly mobile baby, and i’ve got one leg… i guess this is more of an update on me, than on immi, which i guess doesn’t happen too often.  a few weeks ago, playing soccer, i ruptured my achilles. eck. and to answer everyone’s first question – no it wasn’t SUPER painful.  it felt like someonekicked me in the back of the leg… so i turned to get my call, and tried to get up, only to realize that i couldn’t.  felt like i was sinking into quicksand…seriously a weird sensation when you’re just expecting to get up and continue playing.  after a week or so of jumping through HMO hoops, I got in to see an orthopedid surgeon, had an MRI, x-ray’s, yada yada yada…well, turned out there was a ‘significant rupture’.  six centimeters to be exact.

for me, the decision whether or not to have surgery was an emotional roller coaster.  because immi is still nursing, things were a bit complicated.  the first day with the surgeon, i saw him three time.  i knew i needed the surgery, but i wasn’t ready to stop nursing… and by the time i finally left the surgeon’s office that day (after seeing him three times, talking with 3 or 4 lactation experts, my primary care doctor, and immi’s pediatrician), i wasn’t going to have the surgery.  i would have had to stop nursing immediately…and in my mind at the time, that wasn’t going to happen.  the doc, said that i could heal it without surgery… my question at the end of the day though, was “how?”.   so that night i was on the phone with my cousin, cullan…so glad i have family that i can call when in need. he was able to explain how things heal with surgery and how they heal without…and with such a huge gap not having surgery sounded like a really bad idea.  by the time i went to bed…i was having surgery.  oh i was a sobbing mess.  i had worked so hard to finally get immi to nurse, and to just cut it short, on such short notice…i was devastated…and new that she woudln’t take it well.  i knew that eventually things would be fine, but i knew at the same time, that they’d be rough….so i called in the morning to reschedule the surgery.  to my surprise, they said that they were going to call ME, because they had rescheduled the surgery.  the surgeon and my primary care doctor had been talking the night before and were able to get the meds i needed approved though my insurance.  so what if i needed to get injected into my belly fat twice a day for 6 months…i guess to me it’s worth it to be able to continue nursing and providing immi with all the nutrients i can.

after hearing all that, i often hear, ‘i hope your baby appreciates all that you do’…and i’m sure she does…but let’s be honest…there are some somewhat (ok super) vain things that i am pretty bummed about.  let’s start for instance in the fact that i’ve been waiting…oh-so-patiently…for summer to be GONE and for fall to finally hit, so i can wear sweaters and boots and wedges…everything that i love so much, that i couldn’t wear last fall/winter becuase i was preggers, and either too big, too hot, or too wobbly to wear… and there are all the super cute floral pants i’ve purchased in the past few weeks to get ready for a floral filled fall…that don’t fit over the cast…AND! then there are these little gold toe boots i got for immi (juicy couture…seriously)…and matching ones for myself (JoyFolie)…and yes, mine are the kids boots too…just one perk of having mini size feet.  since obviously we won’t be able to wear out matchy-matchy boots this year, and she will have outgrown these by next fall…i’ll have to buy her the JoyFolie version too :).   hopefully they’re still available…or at least findable on eBay (where i got both her Juicy Couture ones, and mine).

Never Grow Up…

shadowthe other morning immi found her shadow. the first thing that popped into my mind was peter pan…and wishing to never grow up. well, i’m glad that i grew up, so that i could have this wonderful little person in my life…but immi, mommy says never grow up.

i wanted to put the video to a song from the peter pan soundtrack, but honestly, i guess i’m not really a fan of peter pan’s sound track. little taylor swift said it much prettier.