About me

i’m a working mommy, who really has no time to blog…BUT i need a dumping ground…somewhere to write, to vent, to brag, and most of all, to show off pics of my sweet baby girl.  i am horrible at grammer, decent at spelling, and use the “…” in place of the proper punctuation {my poor english teaching mother – i love you.}

in my spare time {after work, baby, 2 dogs and a husband…oh and the occasional photoshoot, i like to make things – floral crowns, sparkly t-shirts –  you can see some of them in my etsy store, The Scalloped Window.

i love mess. i love chaos {positive chaos…like the entire family pops in unexpected, and all of a sudden there are 10 peeps in sleeping bags ransacking your cupboards, kind of chaos}

everyone thinks i don’t do color…but i’m actually just a color snob.  color needs to be done right, in the right tones, hues, brightness, etc.  and there are appropriate colors for everything.  with that said.  my favorite color is white .

image001   This year I am lucky to be one a Westfield UTC Brand Ambassador! Click the logo to check out their site – and see why it’s basically my home away from home!


i am internally very organized – externally, i’m a hot mess.

i hate brushed hair.

obsessed with brushed teeth.

self-proclaimed egg snob.

soccer is the only activity that truly clears my mind.

a socal resident – a midwestern gal at heart

oh yah…and i have a husband. i love him.


if you’d like to contact me, please email jeadoreblogger@gmail.com.  I’d love to hear from you!!