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IMG_8645since i’ve had several people ask me why the new blog, why the new name, and how and why i chose the name i did, i thought i’d start this post off with an explanation, before i get to the good stuff.

when I decided to re-do the blog, I wanted it to be able to incorporate all the things that I love to talk about (not in any particular order): Immi Rue, food, my doggles, the hubs…and flowers.  so I had to think of a name that could incorporate it all AND had an available URL.  my first thought was “Baby’s Breath”…I liked it because it was a nice little play on the things i talk about most, Immi and flowers…but no.  the domain was taken and it still somewhat put boundaries on what I could write about.  but thats pretty much where the name and logo started.

so…i made the header out of baby’s breath…aka – gypsophila – which stems from the word ‘philia- meaning “to adore”.  i wanted to just call the blog “i adore”, but the domain was already taken. the next best, and more fancy-ish name in my opinion, was jeAdore.  yes, there should be a (‘) in there or something… but it’s just a name for a blog…not a nominee for a Noble prize (though i am SURE that MOST of you might beg to differ).

The more I thought about the name and concept, the more i liked it.  baby’s breath (gypsophila), in bouquets, is often a supporting flowering, though no one can argue that it’s existence is more than significant.  and when you look at each individual little flower, they’re delicate and beautiful.  plus, i have a thing for underdog flowers…carnations, baby’s breath…

so one afternoon, while baby girl was napping…bb-1i decided to tackle makign my new header.

1. gather LOTS of baby’s breath…though i ended up using WAY less than i thought i would.

2.carefully layout each letter on a bright blue piece of paper – this would make the next steps MUCH easier.

3. photograph. photograph. photograph

4. then in photoshop, carefully knock out each individual letter.  this is where the blue paper came in handy…color select is my friend and i don’t care what you photoshop snobs think.

5. then againin photoshop, and placed the letters the way i liked them…ADORE.

…and sigh.  a place for me to share my thoughts and all that i adore with you.  IMG_8643

for this post i wanted to share 2 things…well, maybe you’d consider it three things that i adore.  i adore my immi…and i adore flowers…

but what i really adore, is that my immi LOVES flowers…probably more than i do….whether it’s simply sniffing them, destroying them, or crawling through petals.  this grils goes gaga, everytime she sees a flower.  we bought her a book called My Garden:  Mi Jardin, so that we could start incorporating spanish right away.  and each time we urn to the Flower” Las Flores page, she gets the best goobery face….and then she makes us do it over and over and over.  if you follow me on instagram, you probably have already seen all these photos and videos, but wanted to share with everyone, because i think it is the most precious thing ever. and please, put turn your sound down.  i hate the way i sound in these videos. 😛




2 thoughts on “Las Flores – Flower

  1. My goodness! Her smile is in the top 10 of my favorite things ever. Immis smile and Rylies pouty lips/eyebrow thing she does when she means business and you better do what she wants. The girls in this family are just too much. Side note: My favorite flower are pink Carnations. My grandpa gave me a bouquet of them when I graduated from 8th grade because when we drove to Arkansas in the R.V., we would sing Marty Robbins “A white sportcoat and a pink carnation” at the top of our lungs. It is to this day one of my favorite memories of my grandpa.

  2. poignant comment post round two: once a flower lover, always a flower lover. my mom used to scold me for picking flowers. growing up in virginia there were these little blue woodland flowers that would pop up out of nowhere and carpet the ground, forsythia branches and crocuses in the spring, golden rods (a far better name than solidaster) and sucking honeysuckles in the summer, and branches and branches of dogwoods. and i love how you made the logo, i didn’t realize it was real and photographed. nice job crafty girl!!! and way to give props to gyp. gyp gets a gyp’ed all the time. the only thing i took away from a focus group was that people like their gyp. and carns smell sweet and spicey and last a long time. and dahlias are great, but why considered so much fancier than mums? i could go on…

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