Ten Months…and a New Blog!!

10months3errrmehgerrrrd!  welcome to the new blog!  We’ve been working on this for a little while now (one of the many excuses i’m going to give for being such a lazy blogger these days)…and i do promise that i will be a better blogger….soon.  there is just so much i want to do right now, and it seems as though i have less and less time each day.  perhaps it’s because i am too busy enjoying all these little baby smiles you see in the photos…

well here she is.  the little star of this little blog (i’ll get to why the new blog, why the new name, etc, in another post…becuase i know you’re dying to know…and please, it’s nothing epic, just some typical nikki impatience, and some other fun little things i’ll be telling you down the road.

ten months.  thats two months shy of a year.  uh- mom….better start planning for someone’s birthday sooooooon!  this past month has been fun.  we are really starting to see things click.  she thinks about things, she communicates (sometimes she REALLY communicates).  she’s even had a first word…other than mama and dada…i’m i’m still not sure if she is actually saying those.  so the other day, we are playing in the play room, and faith and scout are outside (freely going in and out via their very own doggie dooe…and yes, i realize i still owe new house pics and updates)…when scout started barking.  immi got a VERY serious look on her face and with her best mama impression she yells “OUT” (scout).  i died.  great.  all ready picking up my bad habits.

so here goes…her comparison pics and just a couple little glimpses into the world of immi (and let me tell ya, taking photos of this busy little bee is not as easy as it used to be. gone are the days of her sitting still for the photo.

this month we thought it was really important to show her with her best bud…faith (i know, her first word wasn’t faif?).  remember the post with immi giving mama kisses?  well, mama doesn’t get kisses anymore.  they are ALL saved for faify.  she kisses faith…faith kisses her.  and i know it grosses some people out becuase she goes in open mouth…and there’s dog tongue everywhere…but she loves it, and who am i to take that joy away from her.



^^^we have the sweet and the stinker smiles^^^

^^^and can you even handle that little neck?^^^^ ^^^always busy…always^^^


and seriously… that sweater?  why can’t they make some of her clothes in my size.  (yah zara…i’m talking to you)…

2 thoughts on “Ten Months…and a New Blog!!

    • Thanks so much! The month banners are actually a set of letters from rifle paper co. I got them from a local
      Paper store, but have seen them on bhldn.com recently.

      I don’t have a DIY yet… We will be doing one for 100layercakelet though in the near future! If you need one before hand, I can send you an email 🙂

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