Nine Months!!!

holy gravy, my baby is nine months!  i can NOT fully comprehend all the changes she has gone through since that first week…and how exponentially faster and faster she seems to be growing and developing each day.  there is so much i want to share with you, but in all honesty, right now, i am on total catch-up mode…and the fastest way for me to catch you up, is photos!  as i think most of you know, we moved into our new house…so the seven month photo was our last shot from immi’s gorgeous nursery :(.  i {not so} secretly want to go knock on the door of the condo, just so i can see if the new owners kept the nursery….then on the other hand, it’s probably better i don’t know, and just believe in my head that they are having a baby and bought the condo just to have that room as a nursery…{ok. ok…just let me think what i want….it makes me happy}.  anyways, that also means we lost our magic lighting room.  i swear, you couldn’t take a bad photo in that room. everything came out perfectly lit each time. ok, enough babbling…9 month comparison photos!

so there were definitely better styled ones of her nine month shot…where you could see the entire “nine months” and we even got faith, immi’s best bud, to sit in for a pose….but this face…this IS immi.  she is adventurous, brave…a little mischievous, but really stinkin’ cute, and sweeter and smarter and funnier than i could have ever dreamt of…make sure you watch the video at the bottom…pretty sure i will treasure this one for the rest of my life. this is us at nine months folks…



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