yes, there is more to this story than the 5lbs i put on in like 5 days by eating cheesecurds 24/7…oh how i miss my deep-fried friends.  but, before i tell my story, i need to apologize for my absence to the blogging world.  what can i say? life came at us full force 🙂 in a good way…more like a great way! but i thas definitely been a whirlwind.  while we were in wisconsin (oh, back over the 4th of july), we closed on our new house (YES!, there will be a NEW house post), and sold the condo! woot!  which meant we couldn’t take out time moving…oh yah, and then there was adam’s almost month long trip to china…derp.  me, baby, new house…talk about a dose of grown-up comin’ at yah like a flock full of rhinos.  lucky for me, MY mama came out and took good care of me…ok, really, she ignored me, BUT took great care of Immi…hahahahaha. i only jest. kind of…and no, i’m not jealous of all the attention immi gets…really!

OK! and now on to my story….wisconsin.  this was our big trip back to the northwoods with our little baby girl.  she met aunties and uncles and cousins and great-grandma ruth was there!!! talk about non-stop hug’n and kiss’n.  (we even ran out of time to get mani’s and pedi’s…wha???)
this story is probably best told in photos…so, here you go. 
this is just a small showing to whet your pallet…i have A LOT to catch you up on…so hopefully there will be more posts from this trip…if not, i’ll eventually get them onto smugmug for y’all.
we started the trip in minnesota…she was just smitten with weird uncle ryan…

fires at night… the fireflies were even cooler!

 play twins with boppa…

some QT with GG Ruth..

meeting some of the wisconsin cousins…fffiiiiinally!

and just some more….

2 thoughts on “Cheeseland

  1. I'm also wondering where you got that little 'Beatles' get-up. 🙂 Also, pretty envious you get such wonderful photos of you and that beauty of yours. Btw, how is it that EVERYONE in your family is a looker?

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