First Taste: avocado

well, apparently Imogen doesn’t share her mama’s love for avocado.  this food choice DID NOT go as well as I was hoping.  even though avocado has so much goodness to it, fatty good fats, vitamin e, antioxidants, folate…the list goes on…immi didn’t see the appeal.  i mean, there are reasons i am going to continue to gently “nudge” her towards avodcado…really, who doesn’t love that buttery creamy goodness…nom nom nom!!  and she calls herself a california girl?!?!?!  pishaw!!!!! the one good thing that came out of feeding her avocado are the amazing faces she made.  finally, for those non-believers, some non-smiley immi action.
 ^^^uh- guys, this stuff is green!^^

^^^…and smooshy…^^^

^^^and if you make me eat this… i’m gonna hurl^^^

^^^oh? you’re serious?…YAH.  EFF’ING. RIGHT…^^^ 

that last face is my favorite.  she definitely gets that face from yours truly.

One thought on “First Taste: avocado

  1. We had the same reaction with avocado over here. Which was strange since all other green food seemed to be her favorite. She'll eventually come around, even if it's 20 years later. 🙂

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