Oma, Opa & the Ocean

i don’t think i’ve done an entire post in B&W yet…but i think these are wonderful in B&W.  if you really want to see them in color, along with MORE pictures, they’ll be here, but as of right at this moment, there are no photos uploaded (gimme-a-break…i have an infant, a day job, a couple of furbabies who are seriously deprived of attention…blah blah blah)….but i will upload them soon.  promise.
oma & opa came out for a week of immi time.  it was great!  they got to babysit while i was at work and had a chance to really bond with her.  
i can’t even begin to express how much we really, really, really appreciate the fact that we have so many loved ones who make an effort to be involved in her life.  it’s because of you all that she will always feel loved and supported no matter where she goes in life (ha! like mama is gonna let her go further than 50 feet from her, like EVER).
^^^they shared secrets^^^

^^^and snuck in smooches^^^

^^^and held hands^^^

^^^immi already trying to make opa look cooler – “opa, lemme fix your hat”^^^

^^^gentle face touches…seriously the best feeling ever^^^

^^^day dreams^^^

^^^baby inhale…moms- you all know what i mean by that^^^

^^^more face grabs^^^

^^^had fingers for dessert^^^


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