Boobies, Bottles & Rock ‘n Roll

that is one bad-ass baby rocker face…she’s the shiznit, and she KNOWS it.  hahaha. 
adam has been threatening to buy immi a drum set pretty much since the day he found out i was pregnant – i think mostly becuase HEñ wants to play on them {greeeeeeeeeeeeeeat}…  which in our little condo was BOUND to be lots of fun… SO when I saw these “quiet” drums on a blog, i had to JUMP and beat him to the punch.  I am IN LOVE with them, but seeing Adam (ok, well HEARING adam) have so much fun playing with them and immi, makes me love them even more.  they are definitly “quieter” – but not necessarily what i’d call “quiet”.  as you can see…Imbot is already ready to ROCK!

[and yes…i’ve already had to yell from the kitchen that they were being too loud]

I also love that they stack so compactly together.  GREAT for those who have minimal storage!

she obviously really gets into it. [note the spit-up on her chin]

i think band Kino is complete 🙂 

2 thoughts on “Boobies, Bottles & Rock ‘n Roll

  1. uh, you found drums that match your crazy neutral and geometric nursery? you are a crazy woman. she rocks! little wardrobe malfunction too. natural.

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