first taste: sweet potato

well…we had our weight-check appointment this week, and wee Immi is gaining weight, but still not quite as fast as doc would like.  nothing to worry about, but they want to keep an eye on her to make sure her development stays on track. right now, developmentally she is great and right where she should be, if not a little advanced…however, she did suggest we start immi on food to get in a few more calories. [oh boy]… i was kind of dreading hearing this, for a couple reasons.  One, becuase i’m not really ready for her to be old enough to eat PEOPLE food, and two, becuase i knew i’d have to have the grain talk… typically the “recommended” first food is rice cereal…and as most of you know, we are a grain-free house.  (i’m not going to preach to you about it…it’s just our preference)…you have no idea how relieved i was that the doc is totally supportive of our food beliefs and said it was definitly ok to start her on something that we would eat: sweet potatoes, squash, avocado, banana.  she just wants us to introduce one at a time in case she reacts to something.
coincidentally, right after we got back from the Dr. office, a friend sent a hilarious little video, First Taste…so of course i needed to do my own version…and since i’m a gif-a-holic…i went the gif route.  
it’ll be fun if i can keep up with all her firsts…we’ll see.

2 thoughts on “first taste: sweet potato

  1. cute!!!!! man, the grain free thing would be SUCH a problem in the netherlands with the bambinos. dairy too. the government clinics are very opinionated about what you feed them. luckily, weight in my kids has never been an issue. kaz actually has a slightly high BMI. ha. solid kid.

  2. Sweet potatoes is a perfect first food!!! Love this so much! And just stick your middle finger up at those doctors… if I had a dollar for every time someone was worried about Ella and Macy's weight… (both in the 1% for weight) I would have a few extra hundos laying around. Grrr. What… you did not want to feed your baby arsenic for her first food? weird. ;)Love your posts lady!

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