5 Months

I don’t really have a ton to say for the 5 month mark, except that she seriously needs to STOP growing so fast…BUT i  will compensate for my lack of words by putting some extra photos AND gifs!! hahaha!  
normally there isn’t a check up at the 5 month mark…they do the 4 month, and then the 6 month, since that is the recommended vaccine schedule…BUT since Immi’s last weigh-in came in a little lower than they liked, we are headed back next week.  honestly, i dont think she came too low at all…she grew a ton height wise, so thats where i think the energy goes.  i mean c’mon…look at her dad!
this month we’ve really gotten into reading.  dad reads every night to immi while mom gives her a bedtime massage.  it’s our little routine.  just recently, immi has started to hold the book herself (for about 3 seconds, and then she tries to eat the book).  below she is reading a cute little book from dad called “Little But Extremely Important Things Every Woman Should Know”… I think her favorite page is “Simply state your opinion as an ironclad fact…” 
and, as promised…pics ‘n gifs!
I love the face below…it’s like she’s saying “uh, yah right faith…you know i’m their favorite…”

just some good smiley goobs.

don’t ask me why….but when she makes this face…she reminds me of boppa (grandpa reilly).

and when she makes this face she reminds me of her daddy… 
this is the famous im-bot smeyes (ANTM/Tyra banks phrase for smiling with your eyes)…

and yes…we are SORTA sitting up on our own…this little gif shows how we normally end up aftr a couple minutes though…

my next post will probably be a shorty…just showing off some of the treasures we found in Portland…at least thats where my head is right now.
until then…

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