Goober’s 1/3 Year

this past week, my sweet Imogen passed the 4 month mark.  that’s 1/3 of a year!!!…
we don’t have doctor stats, but really, do you really care that much about those? i’m guessing not.  everyone is more interested in seeing that precious goobery face…and i don’t, nor can’t, blame them.  this post is actually proving to be harder for me to write than i thought.  mostly because i had to dig to find the one month pic, thus being “forced” to look at “old” photos of her…and realizing how fast she really is growing…and that she won’t ever be that, or this, little again.  (i feel like i’m starting to sound a little “who’s on first-ish”, with my “that or this” and “don’t nor can’t”)… don’t get me wrong!  this little human, who no longer looks like a giant california raisin (anyone else collect those from Hardees fun meals [out here people call them Carl’s Jr’s]???)  she is becoming an amazing little person, who’s every smile melts my heart into a giant pool of goobery ooziness.  
as you can see, i couldn’t pick just ONE 4 month photo.  she just has so much personality, it’s tough to capture it in just one photo.  perhaps if i was a better photographer……….. (this is where you chime in…”what? you’re an ah.mazing photographer…you know just how to capture the very essence of things…”…HA! yah, i’m just fishing for compliments.  it’s a side effect of living in the shadow of immi now! she gets ALL the attention).  She is a wonderful combination of sweet and goobery, happy and needy, curious and cuddly…i couldn’t imagine having her any other way.
1. everything goes in the mouth…everything deserves at least a taste…maybe two, right?
2. laughing- this one makes me a little sad…not becuase she laughs, but becuase with me, she only gives the chuckle.  the only person i’ve heard her full on laugh for is tutu.  i’ve tried mimicking what tutu did, but apparently it just don’t fly with miss im-bot.
3. these days, our little one is rockin’ the rhianna mohawk.  
4. (skip this one if talk of boobs and pumping make you squirmish)…she’s nursing!  yes, it’s only taken four months, but we have gone an entire day and only had to use 2 bottles the whole day!!! all the other times she nursed!  this might not be a huge deal to all of you out there…but excuse me for a short moment while i just get a little excited about this…i have been exclusively pumping, so that i can ensure that my baby has the best possible nutrition that i can offer her.  this isn’t a “boob-milk is best” rant, becuase every mom does what is best for her baby, and sometimes that means formula, or donor milk, or whatever each mom decides, but for us, the pumping and bottle feeding was the route we went…anyways…if anyone has every spent anytime on a pump, you know just how “fun” it is…and how “amazing” your bubbies look.  i think my sister best described it as looking like hot dogs squished into tubes…i know T.M.I.  I gave the stats before i think…over 3 hours a day pumping…luckily for me, i’ve been able to reduce that time, by eliminating a couple pumpings.  my supply is ample and i get MORE than enough with the 5 pumpings.

3 thoughts on “Goober’s 1/3 Year

  1. So just wrote this huge long thing… and then it disappeared… Any who…Nikki… I am so freaking proud of you… like serious crazy crazy proud of you and SO happy that immi nursed! Who else has that kind of dedication. It makes me want to scream…loudly! And then jump the moon… and then scream some more. I am seriously seriously impressed. Crazy impressed. What a wonderful thing you are doing for her, Ella struggled in the beginning to nurse so I know how hard and disheartening that can be…and yeah… pumping is loads of fun! I cannot imagine how you felt when immi nursed, I think I would have been sobbing through the whole thing. Love you all!! XOXO

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