Little Bunny Foo Foo, the Forest Fairy and the Wee Wittle Pixies

have you ever listened to the Little Bunny Foo Foo song?  i think if i saw the real bunny foo foo, i’d go running the other way!!  i youtube’d the song to sing with Immi, and the cartoon video was showing bloody field mice 😦  NOT COOL! 

Lucky for us, our bunny foo foo, was sparkly pink and hosted an amazing Easter Brunch!!!  her wee wittle pixie liked her better as mama, than bunny foo foo…
there was lots of yummy food… 

glitter! goldleaf! oh my!  with a sparkly pink bunny foo foo, of course there would be sparkly easter egg decorating!! in all honesty, the gold leaf pen was WAY more my style…but now looking back at the pics, the gold leaf looks super fun!!  hmmmm, what else can i goldleaf?

easter = spring, spring = new, and these two love birds are NEWLY ENGAGED!! congrats!

some cynthia and rick always make the day happier!  immi loves when cynthia sings to her, and fell asleep in her swimsuit in cynthia’s lap for a good hour or so..

this wee wittle pixie and her tutu – there will be more of this series in the tutu & boppa visit post!!

and of course, what holiday is complete without flowers?

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