butterfly jungle the saga continues…

tutu and boppa are in town…mama is off on mondays…and so is auntie cassidy! so what does that mean?  butterfly jungle TAKE TWO! when we were at butterfly jungle on friday, the lady wearing yellow had dozens of butterflies land on her…obviously that meant that we’d look like a walking blob of sunshinethis time around! YELLOW (and no, you’re not seeing double…the girls are wearing the same shirt….these girls lack color in their wardrobe)! 
after a successful butterfly attracting session, we decided to move the safari beyond the butterfly lair, and took an african tram tour, and lunch at the oasis…mmmMmm coconut sorbet.

One thought on “butterfly jungle the saga continues…

  1. I heart that ALL the ladies are in yellow! Nice re-do, not that you needed one. But way to upstage yourself there, girl! 😉

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