teepee adventures

everyone needs a secret hideaway…ours just happens to be a lace teepee (auntie cassidy, not accusing you of anything, but this might have been your fault)!! it’s perfect for tea parties, telling stories, reading fairytales and of course, for mom, fun photo props.

we finally decided to use the teepee for more than an ubbi (diaper-pail) cover. since immi is baby genius and awesome at holding her head up, we did some quality tummy time IN the teepee! so. much. fun.

it is never to early to teach sharing, right? so, even though the teepee technically IS immi’s she was sweet enough to share her nook (AND spotlight) with her fur-sisters. who’s the cutest?  HA! trick question! they are all the cutest things on the planet.

our little squishy’s face isn’t quite so squishy anymore.  she is animated and smiley, and has a wonderfully goofy personality (who’d she get that from?)

(sorry, no super-duper gifs this post).

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