Three Months!

eeps! three months!  i can’t even handle it.  this makes me so happy and so sad all at the same time.  just look at that face, and you can see why.  my teeny little newborn(i miss her) is now a beautiful smiling baby (i just keep falling more in love with her).
i dont have true stats for you, since our next well-doctor visit isn’t until 4 months, but we came up with our own fun stats.
weight: last weigh in was at 11lbs 6oz
diaper size: no longer in the newborn size…size one it is!  
# of smiles/day from baby: 100
# of smiles/day from mom: 1 – she puts a smile on my face and it just is stuck there ALL day long
ounces of milk/day: 25
# of times a stranger stops us and tells us how cute our baby is: like a gazillion!
hours of sleep/night: 6-8 (could be more if we went to bed earlier)
number of piercings: 2 – yeop, we got our little one’s ears pierced.  we didn’t go to the mall, we had the pediatrician do it, so it was a safe and sterile place. she doesn’t even know they are there…so doesn’t fidget with them and they stay clean, so no infections.
little ladies legs are getting so strong.  as you can see below she is already pushing.  if she starts crawling already, i might just break.  i am not ready for it.  i can’t take how fast time goes with her.  

3 thoughts on “Three Months!

  1. oh my god, i love the push ups. so adorable. can't believe it's been a month since the last shot! that WAS fast. meanwhile, kaz is SIX? kenji is still milking his youth though, so he's got the right idea.

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