Tiny Dancer

What’s making this baby doll smile so pretty?  It’s the Kinowski Clan! What a treat it was, spending  Valentine’s day with grandma and grandpa Kinowski!!!  (yay for mom for her first valentine’s day off in 8 years!!!)  of course they both were in love with our little baby doll (but who isn’t??) !   grandma and grandpa stayed at one of our most favoritest places, the hotel del!  so we were pretty stoked about spending a few afternoons soaking in the sun.  DOH!  too bad it was overcast and BrrRrRR (well, san diego style brrrrrrrr), so instead of suits and sun hats, we were in sweaters and knit caps!

one of the afternoons, we dressed immi in her best nautical-wear, thinking we’d do a mini beach photo session…BUT since it was too cold, we just snapped some photos of her in her super cute sailor dress and decided to make another fun gif!  i sense a new trend for the blog??….it’s a fun way to NOT have to choose between all the photos – who can pick from all the cuteness???

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