Dreams of Grandeur

le sigh. so for this post i had dreams of grandeur.  i’d be wearing my gold sequin pants, with a grogeous lacey sweater, my hair would be down and perfectly curly or up in an elegant bun…Imogen would be in something coordinating, and not matchy-matchy, and of course she’d be all smiles and coos…hearts would be floating down like fluttering butterflies in perfect cadence and landing gently onto the ground…..I originally had this planned to be planned-and-executed last weekend, buuuuuuuuuuut that day quickly came and went, and still no valentine’s day photo for the blog.   and if it wasn’t for my playgroup ladies, it never would have happened.
of course, how it all went down in my head, isn’t exaaaaaaactly how it turned out…as you can see, i’m in my mama sweats, my hair unwashed for 3 days (well, at least thats what i’m claiming…seeing as though i don’t even know what day of the week it is, or even if it’s a weekday, or weekend…i can’t be fully sure about the cleanliness (or lack) of my hair).  – on an entirely different subject…does playing soccer in the rain count as showering? just asking….and immi? well, she is slightly less than impressed and would rather check out the other babes than make a silly valentine’s day gif … (BUT she is wearing the the gold heart patch pants that we made the other night!!!)  and what abou those fluttering butterfly hearts?  yah, the ones that took me 5 days to actually draw and cutout (simple things take so long now that there is a baby that needs me like every 2 seconds…feed me, burp me, change me, blah bla blah….god i love that little face), and when we tried sprinkling them, they fell in clumps of heavy hearts clunking us on the head, face, nose.  But you know what?  i don’t think this could have turned out anymore perfect.  Happy Valentine’s Day!!
BONUS!  not only did I get to make a fun little vday gif of me and my favorite gal!  I got to do one with her and all her pals.  what is better than babies and raining hearts?  – really, i can’t think of anything.

3 thoughts on “Dreams of Grandeur

  1. oh man, so cute. i love the "shadow boxer" age where they just flail their arms around and kick randomly. and sometimes throw what can only be baby gang signs. the chubby kid on the left is really adorbs. i mean, they all are, but i like the chubby mellow ones. 🙂 immy- aka "lil adam" is so tall! or maybe long is a better term when you're not upright yet. i love her little expression of wonder looking up… that part reminds me of her momma. 🙂 miss you all but feel like i get to see you regularly!

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