When Irish Eyes are Smiling…

“your sweet liliting laughter’s like some fairy song, and your eyes sparkle bright as can be. you should laugh all the while and all other times smile, so now smile a smile for me.”

I thought I’d bring it back to the beginning…since the lyrics fit perfectly at this stage of our adventure.  Imogen’s eyes are sparkling blue right now, and she is on the brink of smiling (real smiles, not the gas induced ones that we see QUITE often)… oh and to hear a sweet baby’s laughter.   Since baby’s eyes can change colors, I thought it quite necessary to capture these baby blues…(and those LASHES!!!  mama pays good money to get thick curly lashes like those).

and incase you were wondering, since in the last post we talked about baby acne, yes we are still battling it a bit…but mama knows photoshop…sooooooo, we just took it off for the pics.

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