Everyone wants to meet Immi Rue!

Imogen has been attracting visitor after visitor…and everyone just falls head-over-heels in-love with her (who can blame them?  look at that face!).

first Oma and Opa came out!  they were here even before she took her first breath.  as soon as they found out she was coming, they hopped on a plane!  mom (me) was still a little out of sorts, so i am having issues finding pics from that first trip.  YAY! Daddy (adam) came through and found a pic of Oma & Opa with Immi-Rue!

then,  we had auntie mary…she was the bomb.  she cooked us meals, hung out with Immi while mom and dad napped, took our christmas card photo…and kept mom (me) from having a panic attack!!

Then, over the holidays came the Reillys!  Tutu (grandma), Boppa (grandpa), great-grandma Ruth (the Ru from Rune), and Auntie Corrie!

Boppa had a traumatic diaper changing experience.  unfortunately, i didn’t get to witness it (i was hooked up to the milker)…BUT luckily auntie corrie was there to capture the event on film (well,her camera phone).  if you look to the bottom right of the photo, you will see the projectile poo! it took a few days and some bribing before boppa was willing to change another diaper.  but he definitly loved on the mini marshmallow…

Tutu’s was a diaper changing and feeding machine!

Immi Rue loved talking to Great Grandma Ruth…she would just gaze at her all day long, coo’ing back little secret baby messages.

and auntie corrie…I think she might have been the most smitten of all!  and as you can see…Immi was pretty smitten with her too.

Immi-Rue still has a number of visitors on deck…Oma and Opa are back in a few days…and mom (me) will be sure to capture some cuddle moments. then Grandpa Gary and Grandma Anne!! YAY!  Then this summer Immi will get to meet the rest of her Babcock family (Hannie, Bubby, and Uncle TJ) IN PERSON!

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