I Believe In Miracles

Well, it all started about week ago… here I thought I was going in to calm my typical over-thinking things mind…BUT, to our surprise, it was all just beginning…

by 9:11pm, Wednesday, November 28, 2012…. our sweet itty-bitty marshmallow, Imogen Rune Kinowski, took her first breath!!  (pronounced im-o-jen).  Adam actually found the name…and it had been our top contender pretty much the whole time.   What sealed the deal (well at least for me) was that we found out my grandma’s grandma’s name was Imogene?  We just dropped the ‘e’.   Rune is a combination of Ruth and June…two of my grandmas.  My Grandma June passed away before I was born, but everyone says I’m a lot like her… I’ve always been really close to my grandma Ruth (my mom says she could tell that we’d be close ever since I was just a little baby).

stats: 6lbs 12oz, 20in

Having her here is so wonderful, and scary, and exciting.  I can’t believe how in love we are with her.  I miss the little thing she did 2 seconds ago…I’m a wreck most of the time…though, I won’t go into details now, perhaps later.  For those who don’t believe in miracles, i say have a baby… it seems like so much can go wrong, that it’s a miracle that we all survived.  
Here are a few pics of what we’ve been up to.  to be honest, we haven’t left the house, or gotten dressed, or slept, or showered, or brushed our teeth….

One thought on “I Believe In Miracles

  1. i just noticed her dark full head of hair! love. snuggly warm bundle. keeping her close is good (not to mention delicious) because she feels safe just like in your belly. so precious.

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