The Eviction Notice…

Our little marshmallow has received her official evicton notice…and apparently, didn’t take it too well…the very next day mom was back to praising the porcelain gods…. however, she did wait to let me see the last of the Twilight movies at our new favorite movie theatre…you can order mini corn dogs (among a whole menu of other foods) while watching the movie in your plush recliner.  really…it’s the only way to see a movie  AND she let me enjoy my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving…friends, family and foooooooood!!!  No, I couldn’t pig out like I normally do, since SOMEONE is taking up all the room in my belly.  But it was great… there was food, and hugs, and football (which also meant sweaty husbands and cousins) and lots of time to play with marshmallow’s soon-to-be bestie, Rylie!

(thanks Rick Espana for the above photo)

AND…becuase there have been multiple requests to post pics of the nursery…here are some.  It’s not QUITE finished… the frames and lamp are still on their way…HEY, it took me a long time to find frames and lamps that i looooooved enough to put in my baby girls room…well that, and ones that i looooooooved and could actually afford.  

Though, we didn’t necessarily start out with a “theme”… after close analysis of the items i was purchasing, it became OBVIOUS, that the theme was GLAMPING (glamorous camping)…which fit perfectly with the nickname we’ve given her, marshmallow)!  so don’t be surprised to a color palette of toasted marshmallows, tee pee’s and her woodland friends!

you think the girls are worried that i am going to stop taking their photos?….i tried to keep them out of the photos, but alas, who can resist that cuteness?!

ok…and finally…since it is quite possible that this is the last post before baby arrives, belly .gif time! and since i’ve had numerous complaints (mostly from a certain hubby) that the mini videos go too fast, i am posting a slooooooooow version and a super-duper fast version.  i personally like the fast one becuase it’s more like a growing belly movie…but for those who prefer to see each pic one-by-one…there is a slow version just for you.

7 thoughts on “The Eviction Notice…

  1. yay! i get to post first! 🙂 the nursery is INSANELY beautiful. geez, i'm feeling a little post-partum (like 6 years later) slacker… we didn't even have our crib built when i went into labor. but you'll see… that nursery will be baby-less for sometime longer… your bedroom on the other hand… 🙂 i think scouty looks right at home "thanks mom for my beautiful new room! it's SO me. hey faith, do you see any reddish stuff in here, no way. beat it. mommy made it for me." forget glamping… that room looks like it was inspired by your soul mate. we are over the moon excited about baby marshmallow becoming airborne. whoohooo! XXXXXXOOOOOOOO

  2. I can finally see your month-by-month pics!! 😉 Even when I see the fast and slower versions next to one another I miss so much in the fast one. It's super fast for my tired eyes. And impossible to see the counter of weeks with your belly growth! Of course, you know I love your nursery. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Just wait for next year, you will be able to eat as much as you want! Can't wait to meet the little one. Hope you and Faith are doing better! xx

  3. Ed- I know….scout fits so perfectly in there. Aaaaannnnd it's been her hiding spot. She will disappear for awhile and I've been finding her either curled up on that blanket or under the crib. We have our little co-sleeper set up in our room too….since its on my side of the bed, I need to practice not forgetting its there. Hahaha. M sure the crying baby will remind me. I wish you guys were closer! G- hahaha. You were one of the other reasons I did the slow version…..hahahahaha. I even copied the last image 4 times so that it stayed on longer. I'm going to have my SIL make me some stuffing after baby is born….full of sausage and cranberries. Hahahahaha. I'll just have to tell her that.

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