Pups Dig it!

Due to being sick and/or being an old lady and going to bed super early, our social calendars have been fairly baron…however, we definitly opened it up for a chance to help support our local Humane Society to attend the Furball!!  At the Furball, we enjoyed, dancing, live entertainment and fine dining, ALL while enjoying the company of our most favoritest furbabies…yeop, the girls were there with us!  The Furball if my favorite event of the year, and why wouldn’t it be?  It includes all my favorite things in life: fabulous food, wonderful friends, and all of our furry four-legged friends…and not mention, this year our very own ProPlants donated all the orchid centerpieces!!!

6 thoughts on “Pups Dig it!

  1. awww, i remember when there were only three, and now it's a family of four with one on the way!!!! the funny thing is, human babies are not invited so the girls will always get this night out with you. i'd like to toot my own horn and say that perhaps us having a table at the furball is my legacy at pf. glad my fave peeps are going too.

  2. TOTALLY claim that legacy!! I was so happy that we got to do it again this year! We haven't gone in a few years, since before we got Faith! between Erin's wedding, then Ian's wedding…and then we didn't do it last year. The new CEO is great and he likes getting involved with the community. His wife is even trying to get more involved with the Humane Society!

  3. I was just asking Jerome about this, at work! (can you believe I said, at work?) I'm so glad you all got to make it. Truth be told, I've always been envious of you guys going to this event.p.s. I'm so excited I can finally write comments on your blog!! xx

  4. wait…are you working with Jerome!!!!??? how fun! and small world! I love this event the mostest! it was a little different being preggers and not being able to enjoy all the fun cocktails…but I made up for it in the appetizers…though it ended like I had been drinking all night anyway…woops. guess i over did the coconut shrimp.

  5. Ha, yes for now I do. But I rarely ever see him. I'm glad you had a good time regardless. I never had an issue without the drinks. Surprisingly, it didn't even phase me, nor did I care. But I'm sure that had something to do with all the food I allowed myself to eat. It's good you are now able to do the same. 😉

  6. so the company didn't have a table the last few years? bummer. is that because we didn't donate or everyone was too busy. did you already answer that? 😉 dan and i would always enjoy the food way more than drinks. something about stalking servers with trays- it's our MO at catered events.

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