a bo-beau beach picnic

between work, marathon training, baby-brewing (aka hormonal-mood swings), etc…it gets a little tough to sneak in date nights…and since it has been awhile since we took the girls to the beach, adam thought it would be a fun idea to do a little picnic down at dog beach.  AND, because i’m just too dang tired to cook these days, we decided to let one of our favorite little restaurants do the cooking.  if you haven’t been to bo-beau’s yet, go!  they seriously have the most amazing brussel sprouts on the planet! nom-nom, not to mention the huge selection of moules, flat breads, and other french scumptiousness.   and so, this was our satuday night out.  eating, snuggling, smooching (close your eyes if you’re allergic to smooches)…all under the san diego sun. 

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