weekend obsession

ob. sessed.  that is o-b-s-e-s-s-e-D!  this week my friend addie brought these amazing dinner-plate dahlias back to the office from the mart.  it was instant love.  the shape, the texture and that peachy-pinky-barely-there-COLOR!  it just melts my soul.   pretty flowers can make any day a better day (not that i was having a bad day)…the day just gets even better in the presence of pure, simple beauty.  the real beauty, not the fake dressed up, made-up, pseudo kind of beauty…but the kind that comes naturally.  GUSHING! can you even handle it?  (see not all posts about baby…hahahaha).

(top: dinner plate dahlia, bottom left: pink peonies and queen anne’s lace, bottom right: dinner plate dahlia, and pink/green parrot tulips)

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