and so it begins…

ahhh (sigh)…a place to spew, to rant and to dream (not to mention post endless photos of my dogs, food and other little surprises)…all without fear that someone will post that they’re sick of them….cause lets be honest, you’re here because you choose to be! HOORAY!  and welcome!  welcome to my new outlet.   (oh my poor, poor english-teacher-mom is going to die when she sees all of my grammar mistakes)

i figured that since i’m introducing my new blog to the world, i may as well also introduce someone else thats new to MY(and by “my”, i mean “our”) world…little MARSHMALLOW!  that’s what we (adam and i…oh goodness, adam is right, i am completely awful at introductions.  adam, the hub-bub) refer to the almost 4oz, orange-size fetus growing in my belly – don’t worry, i won’t only be posting about baby kinowski here…i’ll be sure to include my current obsessions, things i find funny, inspirational, etc, etc.  so anyways.  world-marshmallow, marshmallow-world.  as you can see in the tiny ultrasound photo, she’s already a thumb-sucker!!  and yes, i did say “SHE”!  our little marshmallow is a wee little girl.  we went to an early ultrasound at a A Baby’s Visit, where we got meet our little one via a giant movie-theatre-size screen!  it was 100% amazing.  she danced, we laughed, she showed us her girlie-parts, we found out the gender of our BABY!

so thats what i’ll leave you with today, i think that’s enough.  
hope to see you around these parts again soon.

3 thoughts on “and so it begins…

  1. yay! beautiful blog. making me feel bad about my plain blog. whatevs. i have two air breathing children who prevent me from having a nice looking blog. 🙂 you'll see. too much fun to be had! grilled cheeses to eat and whatnot. love you, adam, scouty and faith.

  2. Nikki,Congratulations to you & Adam! So exciting…you are so deliciously creative, I can't wait to be envious of what you think of next! Haha What a fun journey this will be…Felicia Nugent

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