give and take – relationships


let’s start off by saying that My Little Pony has been updated a wee bit since my day…i didn’t even recognize what it was when Imbot brought one home.  But it’s the same…theme song and all.  It really doesn’t surprise me that she is obsessed…she already love unicorns and ponies…so totally makes sense…ANYWAY…since it’s Valentine’s day weekend, i wanted to talk about RELATIONSHIPS…with our babes.  They spend so much time doing what we want/need them to do…run errands, wear this, say that, go there…and yes, it’s teaching them real life, etc etc, but it made me start to think about my other relationships…and there is no way a bond would grow – at least not a good one – if i was always doing what they were interested in or vice versa.   so i wanted to test and see what would happen if i became interested in something i knew that she really-really loved.  so one day i bought the pinky pie hoodie (she has rainbow dash) and surprised her.  SHE DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING. She just looked at me and then ran to me and gave me the biggest hug.  we ran around in circles (ahem – flew around in circles) for hours and acted as silly as can be… i read an article this morning about how as parents there are so many “last times” that will happen without us even knowing. she won’t want to play with me forever.  so for this short time in life – i am pinky pie.


^^thinking about what to write Princess Celestia ^^



nikki (pinky pie)

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