The Nightly Struggle


this post has been on my mind for so long now.  it basically goes through my head every night as i watch this babe’s eyes flutter for the last time for the day.

bedtime…i wanna talk about THE REAL struggle that happens on a nightly basis.  i’m not talking about the constant pleas to watch ONE MORE paw patrol…or the tooth brush battles…or the “NO. I’M NOT WEARING THOOOOOOSE PAJAMAS”.  i’m talking about how the entire time i am literally FIGHTING her to go to bed, i too just want one more hour with her, one more hour to listen to her laugh, to watch her play princess, to snuggle with her… i’m never ready to say goodnight, rather good-bye (i know…slightly over-dramatic), to the tiny person i got to know today…but i’ve seen what happens –  in the morning, she’s going to be a little bigger, know a little more, be a little more independent (and let’s face it….she’s is PLENTY independent)….and as much as that makes my mama ego SWELL – on a selfish, and vulnerable level, my heart just shatters.   thank goodness she sleeps with us – but we can get into that later.




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