six months

as you can see…six months means much more Immi to handle!! hahahaha.  she was way more entertained this time by the fact that she could rip the letters down than by the goofy noises and dances mom was doing to grab her attention.  Can you see it in her face? “Look mama, these letters come off!”

so six months…wow.         wow.    wow.  wow.  it’s crazy how you can go YEARS, and time flies by, and nothing really significant changes…then all of a sudden you have this amazing little person and SO MUCH happens in just 6 months…and you are continually grabbing at time to just cling onto whatever time allows you to keep for more than a millisecond!  when i think about it, i start to hyperventilate…not a good idea.  so the best thing to do is just be in every moment possible, and enjoy it.  

so…fun stuff about our 6 month old.

* sitting up…it’s great, because we can stick her on the floor while getting dressed and she’ll sit there and grab for her toys…keeping her entertained for the seven minutes it takes to slap on some mascara, and blush…brush my teeth.

* we’ve got a tooth! and more coming in…yay for mom! who needs sleep anyway, right?

height: 27″ – 85%
head: 17.24″ – 85%
weight: 14lbs 4oz – 13%

tall and skinny with a big ‘ol melon….

the doc’s are happy with her weight gain…it’s more consistent now…and they’re impressed with her development and how strong she is!! so all-in-all…everything is going great!  I can’t even handle that face… comparison time!!!!  i sure do miss that 1 week squishy face, but i wouldn’t trade this six month goober face for anything in the world.

and some of my favorite things to nibble on….

that scrumptious little neck…

 and those chubby little fingers…

and oh how i can’t even TAKE how cute the airpit rolls are… softest skin ever!

and those itty bitty toesies…those are a perfect compliment to any nibblings.

2 thoughts on “six months

  1. oh yay. i get to post first again!!! she's super cute. and a tooth AND sitting up solo at 6 months is GREAT! beats out my boys big time. and she doesn't look little with a big noggin to me at all! besides, who likes a small headed baby? big heads rule.

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