Careful What You Wish For..

So when I was pregnant, I’d always joke around about how I’d end up with a little girl, who was a combination of Adam and my dad…short, no-neck, tree trunk legs…with my nerdy personality….all along really thinking that she would end up looking just like me, brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin (so i guess, in short – brown)…but apparently my brown dominant genes are no match for those blue eyes!  she looks… just. like. my. dad. and. adam… with my goobery personality…but somehow she is JUST GORGEOUS!

I know it’s a little late…but some photos from Tutu and Boppa’s visit.

snuggles in front of the del…

see!  they are like twins!

boppa thought it would be fun to stick Immi in the calla patch…our little calla patch doll…bahahahaha.

immi toes…just maxin’ n’ relaxin’ at the del…seriously, this babe has been to the del more than any little girl i know!

immi n’ tutu…allllllllllll love.

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