butterfly jungle

i feel that in order to tell this full story, i need to share some information that i haven’t shared to the majority of you before.  and sorry to start this post a little heavy…but, you’ll appreciate the story for it’s entiriety.  before our little love, immi, came along, i miscarried… and yes, it was sad, and affected me more than i thought at the time…but, don’t feel sad for me.  i am a true believer that things happen in life for a reason, and now that immi is here, i couldn’t be a bigger believer in that statement…
anyways…when it came time to take that pregnancy test again, i was nervous.  nervous that it would say “not pregnant”, nervous that it would say “pregnant” and then i’d have to go through all the worry about things going wrong again.  i didn’t want to tell anyone, not even adam, i was taking the test, because i didn’t want to have to tell anyone what it said. SO, knowing that i wanted to take a test, i really needed to be distracted…i took off a friday and went to butterfly jungle with my cassidy and sweet rylie.  there couldn’t have been a better place to just be at ease.  when a little butterfly landed on my stomach, i smiled a little.  no one knew why.  it was my little secret.  after i got home, i went straight to the bathroom, peed on that stick…and voila.  one year later, i took the sweetest, most beautiful, happy baby girl to butterfly jungle.
dear rylie.  you may not be the biggest fan of little immi right now…but i know down the road you two will be the best of friends.  you and your sweet little smile gave me the courage to take that test again…thank you.
so, of course i had to document the event!  please enjoy our short little video!

4 thoughts on “butterfly jungle

  1. Nikki,Well…. I just had my first teary eyed session for the day 🙂 What a beautiful and sweet story. There are so many woman who are going through a miscarriage(s) or having trouble conceiving and this story as well as other success stories are the key of hope. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  2. YOU SAID LITTLE LOVE!!! I know this had to be a hard one to write. Bravo. So many know the feeling you so eloquently described.On another note, did you know I've already started getting nervous to come up with another nickname that equals the first. I've been almost worried about getting the chance, tho, recently.Thanks for the post. Timing is everything. xo

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