Polaroid Perfection

yesterday was another gorgeous 75 degree day here in sunny San Diego (sorry to rub it in Midwest friends and fam), so Little Rue and I thought it would be fun to take a walk to the grocery store, get mom some deodorant (i took the hint from hubby when he oh-so-subtlety left his on her sink….and then stop and have some swigs from the bottle while sunning in the grass.  Well, those plans quickly got squashed when I realized (after unloading my cart) that I had left my purse on the counter.   Then by the time we got back home, it was time to pump the hooters….  So, with only a few good minutes of usable daylight left, I hauled immi back outside, along with my Polaroid camera, and got a couple shots of her hanging in the sun.

I love the surprise effects that happen with this old film. All the packs are expired, so you never know how they will turn out.   Our first pack came out with a warm yellow look, while the second, made everything a cool blue. I get all sorts if giddy waiting to see how each one develops!

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