more of a good thing

my little baby is already OVER two weeks old! how does this happen?  i feel like i must capture every. single. little. thing!!!  between the constant pumping and feeding i try to take in every tiny cuteness i possibly can, whether it’s her pursed little lips stuck in the perfect kissing position, or if she is stretching those tiny little little limbs out as far as possible.  I know all these posts are ALL about baby…but lets be honest, that saying too much of a good thing…does NOT apply to her.  she has enveloped my whole life and i couldn’t love it more.  as i’ve been promising, here are a couple of our photoshoots.  they are about a week apart.  she’s already changing (sniffle).


of course i had to start with a couple polaroids.  i love how the film is so unpredictable.  this film is over 30yrs old!!

(for more from this shoot go to!i=2269104164&k=M5Kw56F)


when we went to do this shoot, i knew she had grown.  just a week earlier, we tried on this little outfit, and it was too big!!! now, it fits perfectly.  the little crown was made at her baby shower.  it’s perfect for our little princess.

3 thoughts on “more of a good thing

  1. Hi Nikki,
    I am obsessed with your monthly letters! Do you mind sharing where you purchased them from ? I can not see to find it anywhere on your blog!

    • Thanks! They are from Rifle Paper co. I got them locally at a paper store, but have seen them on recently….and sometimes even on ebay! Just search for Rifle Paper co botanical garland

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