30 Weeks!

I will admit; lately, I’ve been somewhat whiny and a wee bit crabby (the correct response now would be, ‘you? no. you’re always so cheery)…so I decided that for this post, I would list things that I enjoy about pregnancy…AND since I’m 30 weeks, thought I’d aim for 30 things!  Wish me luck!

1.  feeling little girl kick and squirm.  I had to put this as the first one, because it is definitly my favorite part about this whole experience. When I get home from work I eat a little something, down a little water, and lay on the couch ready to play :)….she seems to be most active right around 5-5:30 at night.  Through all this, everytime I feel her judo-chop me from inside, I can’t help but smile.

2.  no one judges me when I over order food…and then eat it all!

3.  great excuse for fro-yo breaks

4.  planning out the nursery!  i think it’s the first time, I actually fully concepted out a room and stuck with the theme.  HA! and no, you can’t see what it is yet!!!  that will be a different post.

5.  not having to remember to take birth control

6.  “pregnancy-brain” excuse

7.   people are more likely to be helpful- helping lift things, open doors, etc

8.  seeing adam do domestic chores šŸ˜›

9.  random people telling me random stories

10.  random people touching my belly-  ok, so this one seems to be on most pregnant ladies “do-not-like” list…but maybe it’s becuause I’m from a small town where everyone is all up in your business, or I’m from an affectionate family…or maybe I just thrive on attention…but I don’t mind the random gesture.  people are always nice and friendly, and for whatever reason smile when they touch a pregnant belly.

11.  hearing adam talk about things he wants to do with her…golf, read books

12.  no one can judge me when I am bawling during movies meant for teenage girls.

13.  i didn’t have to paint the nursery, and i didn’t have to feel guilty about pawning it off to adam

14.  knowing that soon, we’ll have a wee one to snuggle with

15.  excited about all the family that will be out to visit

16.  prenatal massages

17.  my GIANT preggy pillow

18.  maternity pants – these will certainly stick around for events like Thanksgiving Dinner and ice cream binges

19.  my nails are awesome

20.  my hair is awesome – well when i wash it

21.  knowing that my mom and dad will have their first human grandbaby

22.  buying mini-me clothes – addicted

23.  feeling all the soft baby blankets, clothes, towels, etc…why are adult things not so soft?

24.  i’m not a fan of my new GIGANTIC boobies, but adam doesn’t seem to mind them

25.  being able to talk with other pregnant women – there HAS to be a baby-boom going on.  I think every other person I know is pregnant right now…and due around the same time as me.  It’s great…we all whine together.

26. starting and getting to share all my thoughts with you via this blog!!!

27. napping

28. our new AC

29. telling people that we’re expecting!!

30.  having a great excuse for leaving social events early.

so- you will probably notice that there are a few weeks of pictures missing from the gif below,  but hey, I’m pregnant. At least I finally got it up here!! woot woot for me!

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