Half Way! – twenty weeks and counting

well, it’s official!   we are half way through this! uh….AHHHHHHHHHHHH!   it really does go pretty fast, huh?  we’ve finally started clearing out the spare bedroom…the bed is gone, the broken desk is cleaned out…the crib is here, but one of the wooden spindles is broken 😦  so we are waiting to call the company tomorrow to get a new piece.  I’m really quite in love with the crib!  a HUGE thank you to Oma and Opa for marshmallow’s beautiful crib!!!   It’s a franklin & ben liberty crib, from NessaleeBaby (hopefully they are helpful and sends us a replacement for the broken piece).  

and though, i feel as though i have ‘looked’ pregnant for months, people are finally starting to comment on my belly!!!!  

One thought on “Half Way! – twenty weeks and counting

  1. love the belly pics and the crib is beautiful! i think little matching dog beds would be really over the top awesome. scout would love it. the leggings are cute too- VERY nikki, love it.

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