1000 +

You LIKE me, you really, really like me!

hip hip hooray!  this morning i woke up to check the blog and thanks to all you fabulous readers, we’ve hit over 1000 views!!!  AND on the day we got to see our little marshmallow again!  yeop, we had our 18-20 week ultrasound, and good news, she’s still a she!  phew.  i told adam that if he she is a boy this time, that he’ll have to pretend to be a girl for at least the first year of his life…cuz his mom already spent too much on oober girlie clothes 🙂

on this monumental day, i thought i’d answer some of the questions that i get all the time.

Q.  how are you feeling?
A.  beyond the puking every morning, and the constant heartburn…great!  oh, did i mention tired?  oh yah, and that my back is usually sore (most likely thanks to my even more humungous lady lumps)

Q.  can you feel her?
A.  well, i’ve convinced myself i have.  everything i read says that most first time moms don’t feel it right away, but the 2nd time around they know what they are ‘feeling’ for…. and since everyone says it feels like gas, bubbles, flutter…anytime i feel something that is in that realm, i say it’s her.  it helps me understand and feel better about items in the first questions.

Q.  any weird cravings?
A.  weird in general? no.  weird for me? yes.  the one thing i crave on a daily basis are bean and cheese burritos.  I never liked beans…i never really liked burritos.  but this whole thing has turned my eating habits upside down.  anything i liked, seems to be on the ‘do not eat’ list, while things like beans—it’s ON!

Time to go lay on the couch some more.  have a great weekend.

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