Millions of Peaches

second week of blogging, and already slackin’!! geesh!  hahahah. sorry. 

as long as i can remember, whenever i’m not feelin’ well, a go-to food has been peaches.  yes, growing up, it was the canned kind that sorta just slides down your gullet.  i think it was something passed down to me from my grandpa tavares.  though now, you most likely won’t find me eating canned peaches, i’ve found that through this whole pregnancy thing, i still have found comfort in the peach. funny, right?  so, i thought i’d share my favorite peach recipe as of late.

for a single serving
1 large fresh peach (or two smaller)
2-3 medium-size basil leaves chopped ( i like long skinny strands)
1 tbs honey (the real kind, not fake kind)
handful of toasted alond slivers

mix basil, peaches and honey together…top with almonds (i add a little extra honey ontop the almonds…but no need)…and YUM!  you have a delightful summer peach salad!

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